An Opulently Offensive View of the World

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu


Eh: The Haiku

I do not have shit
Often my hands do not move
I think I am numb


Fishy Tales

ShipSix weeks at sea. Nothing out of the ordinary until the night of the 16th. We were pulling in the nets for the night and all seemed normal. That was until we pulled up the last net. There we found a cinnamon headed mermaid tangled in the weaving. Her scales shone in the moonlight like chromium, black and oily looking. We released her from the net and gave her the warmest reception we could eek out from our meager stash. The lonely crew showered her in gifts, a plethora of valueless trinkets they had horded. She reciprocated our affections with an innocent smile but quickly broke the jovial mood of the occasion with ominous words. This mystical creature stated she came as conveyor of bad news. The ship, she asserted, was headed towards a vortex in the sea and she feared she arrived too late.

At that moment a blast rang out from the ship’s horn. The crew ran around wildly in a bedlam of frightened masculinity. The mermaid had indeed warned us too late. Our vessel was caught in the vortex and I clung to a railing as I looked into the void. At the pivotal moment of complete loss, I felt an arm around my waist. Swallowed by the sea, I soon loss consciousness. I awoke on the beach outside this town, thankful to a mermaid.

Moral: Even wonderful things can be bad omens.



Mindlovemisery Wordle

Afar: The Long Distance Love Haiku

I study her form
A creature of rare beauty
Never to touch her







Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge

Abyss: The “L” Haiku

Lingering for love
Listlessly lusting for life
Limitless longing





A to Z Challenge

Mystic: The Shadorma

Mists at dawn
Yearning for the light
Through the trees
Inspiring quiet dreams
Channeling the past

Bastet’s Shadorma Prompt


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