An Opulently Offensive View of the World

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." - Lao Tzu


Dreams of a Wood Nymph

The wood nymph sat alone amongst the roots. Their close proximity to the shoreline gave her the perfect view of the water. The distorted reflection of her face in the ripples made her laugh, yet somehow gave her peace. Watching the water sprites dance across the water, leaving gentle trails along the surface, made the wood nymph long to be one of them. But she was much larger than the sprites and she did not have a pair of dainty wings upon her back, how could she be a water sprite? Day after day the nymph sat on the bank, her desire increasing with each passing hour. She became consumed by her dream and one day the nymph decided to change her path. Into the water she dove, where she immediately popped to the surface like a cork. There she floated on the surface, not as a water sprite, but merely a satisfied wood nymph, drifting on her dream.


Moral: Simply getting close to a dream can be enough.


Fairytale Prompt

Halloween II: The Sequel Haiku

Beggars at my door
Little costumes with hands out
Candy bar ransom

Heeding Haiku

Liberty: The Myth Shadorma

Walking as a dream
Peace follows
Bound by steel
Just a fantasy to seek
Elusive as stars

Photo Challenge


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