An Opulently Offensive View of the World

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places." - H.P. Lovecraft


Halloween V: The Too Much Poem

Too many sweets
The sweetest kind of hell
Candied corn, assorted chocolate
At war
Stomach churning, belly rumbling
Sugar coated torture
Annual treat
Or trick?

The Abyss of Solitude

The silence is deafening. Walking the once bustling streets, passing empty tables, vacant windows. I once complained about the horde of zombified workers that I had to wade through. Now I miss the chaotic sound of a million conversations. I longed for solitude; coveted every minute I had alone. Now all I desire is the banality of some idiotic banter. I thought this would be heaven, but here I have only found hell. It is hardly worth dying when there is no one left to mourn you.

Reincarnation (or The Perfect Man)

I died abruptly, thought not completely unexpected. My life, should we say, was less than saintly. So the dark in which I awoke did not surprise me. Conscious, though unable to move, I thought of paralysis. What an ironic torture for all the years of being a professional couch potato. But then a light shone down upon me and I saw a ebony haired angel staring down at me. The light reflected off her milky white skin and the whole scene seemed ethereal as she reached down to pick me up.

Lying limp in the soft cradle of her hands, I realized I was not human. I was something else. My situation became clear rather quickly as she wrapped me around her waist. Her nimble fingers worked at my laces like a surgeon; pulling them tight to allow me love’s embrace. I can feel the softness of her skin; the beating of her heart. Never in my past life had I been so intimate with anyone.

I saw the look on her face as she viewed us together in the mirror. I had become the perfect man. I compliment her figure. She says I make her feel sexy. My touch is soft and delicate against her body, yet my grip is firm and assertive around her waist. I am there when she needs me, never when she does not. In this life, I found heaven in her satisfaction.

Tale Weaver’s Prompt

One Word Photo Challenge: Scarlet



And since our host deals with miniatures, I present a tiny red cow…

One Word Photo Challenge


“The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.”-Werner Herzog Foot


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Disclaimer: That IS my foot. I am NOT a foot fetish serial killer.


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