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Taming Insanity

The mask might make it hard to conversate.

The mask might make it hard to conversate.

An interesting question of which character might be an enjoyable conversation. As this is supposed to be a heart-to-heart, I guess I can leave out dinner with Hannibal Lecter. A chat with a psychopathic serial killer sounds interesting, but instead of delving into the intricacies of his motivations I am sure the conversation would quickly turn to sharing recipes and favorite dishes. Thus the only heart being shared is that of some hapless victim. Maybe not the best idea.

Those thighs will make it hard to conversate.

Those thighs will make it hard to conversate.

I have considered characters from the fairer sex. Maybe Black Widow from Avengers or Selene from Underworld. But like with Lecter, our banter is sure to focus on fashion rather than the driving force that pushes them forward. Everyone must wonder the process it takes to costume these two movie mavens and of course, being the gentleman that I am, I would offer my services in aiding them out of said costumes. Then the whole situation slowly slips into something better left for poorly written fan fiction than here. At least we could make a new meaning for heart-to-heart. No, I will leave that for when all of you are not around.
Don_QuixoteSo who? What character holds my attention long enough to even care what they have to say? In an epiphany I realize that I need to speak to my two fathers, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. I call them my two fathers as I am born from both of them. I understand the rationality of Sancho Panza and I can more than sympathize with Don Quixote’s need to tilt at windmills. This is why I need to speak to these two men. Internally I have fought the same battles these two have fought on the pages of countless editions. To the simple sidekick I would explain the need to help his friend heal. Yes the Don attacks imaginary monsters, but even invisible dragons must be slain. And to our hero, maybe a different tactic should be employed.
don-quixoteTilting at windmills does not kill off his demons, but fire might. Together they could burn down those fake fears. Sancho has to put aside some of his rationality to aid his friend, while Don Quixote must rethink his futile attempts. In all his efforts to tame his liege’s insanity, Sancho fails to see the cure is to help him burn down his monsters, real or imagined.

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